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Establish Marketing Systems / Wholesale Outreach Plan / Brand Redesign


Their Pain Point:

Vukgripz growth had stalled as they continued to try and get their brand into large scale distributers and increase their digital presence. When we came in, we assessed and found a few key areas we could fix quickly.

Our Solution:

Overhaul marketing systems, redesign the visual identity, and totally transform the way VukGripz leverages itself in the market.

of sales


PLL Partnership

2022 - current


in sales in Lacrosse

The Breakdown

Step 1: Establish Primary Marketing Systems

When we started with VukGripz, the marketing was inconsistent and disjointed, with money spent on paid media and trade shows. MCo first came in and unpacked what was working and what products were the best to focus on.

First, we streamlined the product list to be much more inline with their goals and created packages and marketing funnels that allowed us to be profitable through paid channels and began scaling.

Second, we curated better creatives and began targeting specific demographics that were the best profit producing segments.

Lastly, we created a repeatable system for daily emails, social and more.

Step 2: Establish Improved Systems for Wholesale Expansion

At first, VukGripz was focusing primarily on smaller “mom-and-pop” locations nationwide, with orders are small as 3-5 units. When MCo came in, we improved the outreach plan with improved marketing materials and offers. This improved cashflow and allowed for reduced cost on manufacturing.

Step 3: Brand Redesign

The branding for VukGripz was strong in personality but low in quality.

MCo met repeatedly with the Founder to truly understand the importance of all aspects of what they wanted the brand to be about. This allowed us to then reimagine parts of the branding and begin to replace small aspects while keeping the heart of what was important.

We worked with the founder to create a logo that allowed them to eventually expand products and purpose with a simple design change that lended itself to coloration and category changes.


VukGripz has grown over 700% in the first 2 years since it began working with MCo.

The updated marketing has lead to more sales on each digital channel than were being done company wide in year one, while still returning profits on every customer purchase.

The updated branding lended itself to improved discussions with national wholesalers like Dicks Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, Scheels and more, leading to 7-figures of sales annually.

With market research, we saw an opportunity to pivot to a new primary sport, Lacrosse, where VukGripz became the official sponsor of the Professional league, the PLL, and lead to a 2000% increase in the category in the first 12 months.

Vukgripz Founder:

RJ Vukovich

"When I hired MCo I was still trying to throw effort at my startup. I went to events and showcases each weekend and cold called endlessly to build business. Several years later, I was still under $10k of revenue in down months. Now, MCo has helped negotiate with professional sports leagues for exclusive rights, helped to streamline distribution and team development, and helped add digital distribution channels. In all, our bad months are now $70k months and we are currently up 120% online YoY. MCo was the gamechanger my business needed."

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